Pre harvest quality monitoring in vineyards


Growing and making wine is a complex process, where optimal grape and plant quality is one of the most important characteristics.

Our objective is to offer wine growers a simple, robust method to measure the most important biological aspects to wine growing and near real-time insights in their grape and vineyards’ conditions to increase efficiency, quality and yield.

In order to do it, we are making use of the promising field of hyperspectral imaging. With this technology, it is possible to objectively measure compounds that attribute to ripeness and flavour in wine grapes.


This image is a vigour map which we have made, representing plant activity in the vineyard. Because we do our analyses with a robot at ground level, we can do multiple measurements within a single plant with very high resolution. So this map shows the performance of each single plant.

With this information, farmers have better insights on plant status to reduce the use of resources, save time and maximize the quality of their grapes.

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of hyperspectral imaging for pre harvest monitoring in vineyards? Have a look at OUVA, our autonomous robot for vineyards.