The autonomous rover for disease, stress and quality monitoring in vineyards


Growing wine is a complex process, in which optimal grape and plant quality is the most important.

OUVA is an autonomous rover equipped with an hyperspectral camera that gives growers better insights into plant status. With this information it is possible to reduce the use of resources, save time and maximize grape quality.

Our software uses artificial intelligence to convert hyperspectral data into understandable information on diseases, plant health and grape quality throughout the vineyard.


OPtimal grape quality

OUVA measures grape quality parameters such as brix, pH and phenolic composition. This information can be used to prevent quality loss and optimize harvest planning.


Efficient use of resources

When plant diseases are detected before they are visible to the human eye, farmers can treat the plant locally, effectively and more efficiently. This can prevent massive yield losses, whilst reducing the environmental footprint.


AUtonomous monitoring

OUVA does not get tired and never has a bad day. Therefore, reliable plant data is frequently provided to the grower. This allows growers to focus on specific points of interest, reducing inspection time and cost.


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