The solution for early plant stress detection in greenhouses


Detecting stress signals, alerting you before the symptoms are visible to the human eye

Do your plants look healthy?

Maybe, but by the time plant stress signals are visible to the human eye, it is often too late to save the crop or prevent disease outbreak.

With GreenspectIR, a camera system specially designed for greenhouses, stress signals can be detected before they are visible to the human eye. GreenspectIR uses artificial intelligence to convert abstract data to clear information, so you can apply early, local and adapted treatment to your crops.

The system is easy to set up and does not require specific knowledge. All insights are accessible in real-time on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Prevent yield losses

Give an adapted response to plant stress signals before significant crop damage occurs


Save on resources

Adapt your crop protection efforts and ensure efficient use of resources


Monitor farming processes

Check the impact of your farming processes on plant activity to optimize your farm management


Save time

Focus on specific areas in your field and save time on inspection and treatment tasks


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